The Voice of Reason

I truly believe in many cases if I followed my intuition, certain circumstances in my life, such as failures and heartaches, could have been avoided if I had just followed “The Voice of Reason.” I call my intuition, “The Voice of Reason” because in many instances when I have felt unsure, bewildered, or/and irrational, it’s usually “the voice” that brings me back to focus. Continue reading “The Voice of Reason”

“You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

Most relationships fall apart because most people don’t develop friendships while dating. They believe that after dating a person for a month or so, maybe less, that they know the person well enough to become intimate. Once romantically involved, this is usually when most people decide to “get to know” the person they are with. There are exceptions to this rule, but the majority of singles experience this failure time and time again.  Continue reading ““You’ve Got A Friend In Me””

Oatmeal Face Mask

I enjoy using every day household goods to take care of my skin, instead of spending loads of money on skin care products.

Last weekend, I decided to make an at home face mask to exfoliate my skin. I noticed my pores were looking HUGE. So, I put together this little old remedy and it worked like a charm for shrinking my enlarged pores and my skin was soft as a baby’s bottom. Continue reading “Oatmeal Face Mask”